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I am the account owner/administrator of our account, which includes 2 other users, a peer and an admin asst.  I and the admin asst. are a team, and my peer and the admin asst. are another team.  The problem is that I am seeing all data (since I am an admin).  Since I cannot turn off the "admin" capability on my account owner user account, how can I avoid seeing all data without paying for another user?  I know I can use filters, but that is a pain and the other (peer) user does not have to do that.  Also, the mobile app has no filters for Organizations or Contacts.



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  • Hi there Paul:

    As an admin there is not a way to only view specific data without using a filter. You can use tags to quickly see a group of records. 

    Filters in mobile has also been suggested by another user, you can vote it up in this post :)

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