On Opportunity, Contact, Project - Ability to select and update many tasks at once

I understand this is avaialble in overall TASKS tab... but that tab is a big useless mess to me with so many tasks and the tasks not grouped / sorted by the Contact/Opp/Project they are attached to.....

So this feature.... selected say 5 tasks on a single Opportunity (Opportunity: Tasks tab screen) and setting them all to complete / or deleteing them all at once is needed.

Especially so as the screen reloads after each and every click - frustrating to have to wait after each click (especially if you internet connection is slow or having a bad day).

Another example is having a 20 task pre-sales activity set (contact them, email them a brochure, make them an discount offerr, follow up call once a week for 5 weeks etc etc) you have attached to a Contact. 3 tasks in, and it's happy days - the customer has decided to buy (off we go to an Opportunity or Project) ..... i now need to delete the other 17 now completely not needed / irrelevant tasks.

Obviously a Customer Filter on the all TASKS tab (LHS of the main screen) woud allow us to do the same.

Filter by tasks related to a specific Contact, Opportunity, Project.... then update/delete multiple selected at once.

If/when you do add filters to Tasks - please make sure to allow selection of tasks by the RECORD ID of Contact, Opportunity, Project, Event.





  • Thanks Mia for the detailed feedback. :)

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  • OR - with the new extended reporting... be able to report tasks by the records(s) they are associated with (CONTACT/OPPORUNITY) and then jump to the task screen with those records that were the output of the report displayed/selected - would achieve the same thing :)

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  • Being able to select multiple tasks on the Opportunity or Project and mark them as completed would be very helpful for us too, voting for this!

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