Opportunity reports data not showing

My reports are only showing data for opportunities that I have manually added within Insightly by creating a new opportunity. 

Any opportunities I have added using the gmail gadget, (which is most of them) are not showing in the reports at all.

The fields I have completed for the opportunities added manually and via the gmail gadget are identical so it doesn't seem that the reason the data is not showing in the reports is a lack information required in the fields.

Could you please advise how to proceed so that all my opportunities, manually captured within Insightly and captured using the gmail gadget reflect in the reports.



  • Hi Dianne,

    Reports in Insightly do require data in several fields to be included. Most common fields that you may want to make sure have data are the:

    • A forecast close date.
    • An opportunity value.
    • The probability of winning.

    The next thing you'll want to check is the date your report is gathering data from. Most reports will use the forecast close date and not the actual close date.

    These are the most common errors we see in reports but additional details are listed here


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  • Hi Lyla,

    Thank you for your response.

    I'm afraid that still doesn't help me though.

    The limited data that I am seeing in the reports does not have any of your suggested fields captured, yet it is still showing in the reports so that suggests its not a lack of data captured in fields.

    The problem is that any opportunities I have captured with the gmail gadget are not showing up in my reports. Opportunities that I captured within Insightly manually by creating a new opportunity are showing up in my reports. 

    I would like to be able to see my 'opportunity by pipeline stage report' for all opportunities captured, within Insightly and using the gmail gadget, not just the ones captured within Insightly.

    I am selecting the time period 'all time'.



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  • Hi Dianne:

    I see that you have a paid account, I'm going to open a ticket for you so we can look at your data. You'll get a separate notification for the ticket in you email.

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