View / Export Tasks via date range

Really would like a feature to view within Insightly and also be able to export tasks with a date range and with category and user options. Trying to manage sales team to see what has happened and completed within a particular month or week would be very helpful. 

For example, seeing how many calls or meetings with the description notes from task for a particular salesman would be great to hold them accountable to short term goals.



  • Hi Jim, You may want to register for the Beta test of our new reporting features

    There are more options for exporting your Tasks data that can get you the subset of the data you are looking for :)

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  • Hi Lyla -

    Is there a way to export the notes/comments of a task when exporting tasks?


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  • Hi Caroline:

    There isn't an export option that include the notes or comments in a Task record. You may want to add this as it's own thread so other users can vote for it too!

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  • Hi Lyla

    How can I export tasks via time range now ?


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  • Hello Sebastian,

    Please refer to the Advanced Reporting tool.

    1. Filter data by date

    2. Run report

    3. Export report 

    If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

    Thank you,

    Micah Feldkamp

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