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I love that I'm able to see Google News stories about my listed organizations. Is it possible to receive a notification when an organization on my list has a new Google News item? Thanks!



  • Hi Nanaimo,

    That is a great suggestion! Thanks for posting it here for others to vote on. 




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  • I would love to see that as well!

    And maybe an integrated News section to consolidate news, à la RSS Feed / Feedly?

    News can be an extremely valuable source of Leads and/or Opportunities, but it's buried too deep at the moment!


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  • I don't know how to vote on this but this is a really great idea! Often before I reach out to folks, I search for them to see what they have been up to. Would be great to have that integrated into insightly and to receive alerts or generate tasks when key contacts are in the news.

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  • Hi Jennifer,

    You can vote on a topic by clicking on the heart in the top left corner of the post. :)

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  • Any updates to this? Does Insightly have an RSS feed reader? If not, what are people using - and is there anything that integrates with Insightly?

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  • Hi Abby,

    No updates for this feature as of now, however, If you code or if you have access to developers, you have the option of using our API to create your own integrations with Insightly.

    We've got a few resources to help you get started:

    Our API developers page includes the specifications you’ll need to set up your integration.
    The Getting Started with the Insightly Web API page addresses common authentication questions and directs you to debugging tools and libraries.

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