Why do my insightly contacts not stay in sync with my Google contacts

I have enabled Google contact sync in system settings and set the radio button to on in my user settings.  Clicking the "resync all contacts now" works correctly by deleting all my insightly contacts in Google and then adding all my insightly contacts back, plus any new ones, so that the total count in Insightly and Google are equal.  That works fine.  However as I now add more contacts to Insightly, they do not automatically sync to my Google contacts.  I have to manually go back to my user settings and click "resync all contacts now"  Before clicking this radio button, you can also see that the contact count between Insightly and Google is not equal.

Any ideas





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  • Hi Scott! 

    It looks like I'm already working with you in the ticket you've submitted so I'll continue to work with you there. 

    Thank you!

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