Linked Organizations in Advanced Reporting

I love that the Advanced Reporting feature is finally present in Insightly.  Thanks a tonne.

However, we would really like to be filtering on the basis of organizations as well, which seems like a trivial change given that there are already many other ways to filter by links.

Is there any chance that this is coming?



  • Hi Aaron! 

    We are definitely looking into adding more options for advanced reporting in the future. 

    This specifically isn't on our road map but that doesn't mean things can't change. 

    Thank you for letting us know you'd like to see this feature added. It's helpful for us to know what to consider!

    Thank you!

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  • Hi Aaron, 

    Thanks for your post! If you were looking to filter reports based on linked organization, you can certainly pull over the field "Linked Organization" to your newly created Contact, Organization, Lead, Opportunity or Project Report. 

    There is a folder called "Linked Items" that will supply this field and other linked fields as well for you to use. 

    Once you have that field set up on your report you can utilize our filters to narrow down your results, drag and drop column headers to group (see #12 in link) by values or click a single column header to change the sort order.

    If there is anything else specific you are looking to do, please feel free to let us know here!

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  • Hmmm... is this field perhaps not available in Task reports?  This is where it's most helpful to us, since it lets us understand what actions are happening (or have happened) with respect to one of our customers.

    For instance, I'd like to know how many overdue tasks there are for our customers, perhaps as compared to the number of contacts linked to that organization.

    This kind of question appears to be _really_ hard to answer.

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  • Hi Aaron, 

    Thank you for your clarification. You can actually run an Organization Activity Report to see the status of any tasks associated with a particular organization. (If you use any organization tags to group VIP clients, this would also be an easy way to narrow down your search.)

    Here's a screenshot of how the report would look.

    -I used the Activity Type filter to narrow down my search to only show TASKS. 

    -The fields I decided to pull over (since the image is quite small) are:
    Date Created
    Organization Name
    Activity Name
    Activity Type
    Task Assigned To
    Date Due (task)

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  • Hi Alyssa,

    I had found that during my explorations, but it shows only what has happened, not what is still left to do.

    In our case, we have some 30 major customers with hundreds of users each.  All of those users have tasks in the CRM for our support and training staff to handle. The account managers need to understand when tasks are overdue and be able to generate reports on that as needed.

    For now we're getting by with simply looking at the tasks linked in the organization, but there are many questions related to the numbers of open or overdue tasks that would be useful to have in our reporting.

    I appreciate your support and suggestions, however!




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  • Thanks Aaron, I've noted this as a piece of product feedback that would be the perfect addition to this new tool! 

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