Pipelines when converting a lead to an Opportunity


     I noticed that adding a pipeline is not possible for an opportunity that was created by converting a lead as opposed to generating a new opportunity.  Is there a way around this?  Seems like a glitch.



  • Hi Patrick:

    You can add the Pipeline to the Opportunity by entering the edit mode by clicking the pencil icon or through the Actions menu :)

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  • I would also like the option to add a pipeline during conversion. That would eliminate a step, and help my users remember to add pipelines. People are continually forgetting to go back in and hit the edit button to add the pipeline. And we always need one!! Same for converting an Opportunity to a Project.

    An even better option would be for Insightly to automatically add a pipeline to every Opportunity and every Project, so it didn't have to be manually added at all. I know some companies have various different Pipelines they use, but if you could set one as the default, it seems like this would be helpful for a lot of folks.

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  • Hi Emily,

    Thanks so much for adding your comments and feedback!

    You can submit your feature requests to our Ideas & Suggestions page. That way, there will be a direct thread for your requests. You can post your ideas here. 

    I hope this helps!


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