Initiate mobile calls and SMS from Contacts and Organization web pages

I have a flat rate mobile subscription, I make all my calls and SMS from my mobile device. To initiate a call or SMS, I use an Android app - "Remote Phone Call". The mobile is connected to the PC over a Bluetooth connection. When I press a "Call to"-link or a "Tel"-link an a web page, the phone number is automatically transferred to the phone. The actual call can be made without touching the phone. I can also send SMS using the same technique, creating the SMS using the computer keyboard.

I use a Google Chrome plugin to translate the phone numbers on the Contact and Organization web pages into "Call to" links. Sometimes I have to reload the page for the recognition to take place. Sometimes the plug-in never recognizes the numbers as phone numbers (depending on the format of the number, I paste numbers into the CRM from different sources). In those cases I have to copy the number and paste it into another screen on the PC (still simpler than to look up the number in the phone address book). Since my decision on what calls to make is made using the CRM, it also make sense to intiate the call from the CRM.

A feature in Insighly which automatically added a "Call to" link for all phone numbers would help a lot. I assume such a link could also be used to initiate calls from other loosely integrated VoIP platforms as well. There should be a minimal development effort to implement this.

I think the standard Windows software support Bluetooth connectivity with the mobile device too. I assume it would be good if Insightly could develop an app/web functionality to do the same thing as the "Remote Phone Call" app does.



  • Thats actually a great suggestion. Adding the "Call to" link to phonenumber fields in Insightly would be a great "low" level integration into different phone systems! 

    +1 from me!

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  • Thanks for the tip on "Remote Phone Call" app. I love it's "bridge " between PC and phone/sms, call dialling, call history and contacts. Would like to see this as a native feature set in Insightly

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  • I'd love it if this worked automatically with my native mobile calls and tracked them straight into Insightly.  Sometimes it's really useful to have evidence if you've been calling a client non-stop!

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