Can you have an actvity set for events?

I need to create an activity set to an event as I do classes every month and need the same emails to be sent to different recipents at the same times before the classes. I need the reminders in my tasks before the event happens?



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  • Hello Nathan, thank you so much for your question!

    It's not possible to set reminders for activity set tasks, but the great thing about activity sets and pipelines is that you can use them each time you have an event. That way you have a set group of tasks and everything already laid out and ready to go. 

    This article is really helpful when you're getting started with pipleines: Using Pipelines.

    And if you're getting started with activity sets, this article is great: Creating an Activity Set.

    We also have a short and sweet video that you might find helpful here: Insightly University 112: Automating Workflows.

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