Including linked projects in a contact report

I am hoping I can create a contact report that shows all the projects linked to that contact.  Is that possible?



  • Hello Becky, thank you for your post! 

    We don't currently have that option available within our advanced reporting feature but we appreciate you letting us know that you'd find that feature useful!

  • Let me know if this request is elsewhere in the support group.

    Along the same lines as Becky's request, It would be very useful to be able to develop a report around more than one module.  I'm trying to put together a report that ties Opportunities and contacts.  The contacts are linked to an Opportunity, but I can only report on the count.  It would be more useful to my team if I can show the actual name/ address/phone number on the opportunity report.  I don't want to add more custom fields that duplicate data entry tasks.


  • Hi Tara, 

    Thanks for this recommendation, it's a highly popular feature request we have documented and are looking into incorporating!

  • I too think this would be very useful 


  • Same here.  We run a recruiting firm and are trying to see who we've presented to certain projects.  The only way we can run that report is if we can add the linked project as a filter.  Having a "greater than" option for the linked project filter would also be great so we can see how many people we've submitted to a particular client across all their projects.

  • Hi everyone:

    Something we've seen other users do is to create a Tag with a naming convention that is similar to the Opportunity or Project name. Then add that tag to the Contact. Then you can use filters or the contact tag list to view and/or export the contacts associated with that tag. Maybe this can work for some of your scenarios too.

  • I suppose it's a work-around although it's a bummer because the information is already there associated with the contact, we just can't filter for it.  We'll effectively be adding the same information twice now, once to link the contact to the project, and once again as a tag just so we can run a report.

  • Happy to report that we've recently shipped new Linked Item Reports. You can find out more about it in our help article.

    Linked Item Reports can be exported as Excel file and set on auto-scheduled export to your inbox as well.

    Thank you for your votes

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