Completion of task triggering a new task

It would be great if it was possible to make activity sets that would be triggered by completing a task. E.g. when task "create invoice" is marked as complete, it automatically adds a new task "send invoice". Just one example of when we need it as it is not the same person creating our invoices that sends them to the customers.



  • Thank you for your feedback on the automation of Tasks in Insightly, Rasmus. This could be very useful for other users too. Hearing user's preferences helps us with planning for possible improvements!

  • The option to create another task on the completion of the current task, (retaining the same contact and opportunity/project) would be very useful and productive.

    The trick would be in the implementation: Two options might be,

    1. a user settings toggle to prompt for a new task [for the linked items] on completion of each task.

    2. Two Buttons - a [task] "Complete" button and "Complete & New" button

  • @Stefan - Awesome suggestion! Thanks for adding your comments :)

  • Also - A Task, upon completio, in Pipeline stage 1 that triggers the automatic assignment of Stage 2 (and the associated tasks in its activity set) in that same pipeline (with an Assigned user definable)... and so on = workflow from one department to the next - would be great.


  • This would be great! Has there been any changes to make this possible?


  • Insightly - Please tell me I'm wrong...

    but I believe any hope of this requested functionality is lost to the product, unless you upgrade to the Professional Plan where Workflow functionality is available.

  • I would love this idea too, especially to help accounting staff integrate with creative or other staff. E.g. scenario would be to set a task to complete a certain portion of a project. This triggers a new task for the accounting staff to invoice for this portion.

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