We need more than 50 contacts for an email campaign

We really need the ability to send an email template from an email campaign to more than 50 contacts at a time. Most small business users have several hundred contacts per email campaign.





  • Hi David,

    If you need to send e-mails to more than 50 recipients at a time, you are correct that you won't be able to do so directly from Insightly.

    We offer a couple of workarounds in this article.

    Thanks very much for the suggestion! You have my vote :)

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  • We're pretty desperate for this feature!

    Just to be clear, I think there's a very substantial difference between sending multiple sales emails from Insightly and using an email marketing tool like MailChimp.

    1. Sales emails are sent from a real person usually via an authenticated Gmail account.
    2. Sales emails are generally plain text.

    Here's our workflow:

    1. Collect leads, e.g. we do a bunch of trade shows.
    2. Split leads into categories, upload, and tag (e.g. "reseller", "partner", etc).
    3. Prepare appropriate templates for each category of lead.
    4. Bulk select contacts by tag...
    5. ... and get stuck! Insightly's interface limits you to selecting 50 records before its pagination kicks it.
    6. ... so, on a piece of paper, write down the last record I got to.
    7. Move on to the next 50.
    8. Repeat.
    9. Real tears.

    My suggestion is to have a bulk email feature where you instead specify the recipient field as a tag rather than a specific lead or contact. 

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  • Bumping this because I've just had to do the same thing again and I wanted to share the pain!

    An hour of my life I will not get back...

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