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Hello everyone!

It takes a lot of hands to keep this community humming along, and we couldn’t do it without our awesome customers. That’s why we’re proud to announce our Insightly Heroes program. This program recognizes and rewards outstanding Insightly customers for their leadership, knowledge sharing, and ongoing contributions to Insightly and the Insightly community.

Find out what we’re looking for in a Hero and discover how you can apply and be rewarded for helping other Insightly customers succeed!

  • Thorough knowledge of the Insightly product
  • Willingness to share CRM and business best practices
  • A strong desire to help others
  • Positive and friendly disposition
  • An advocate of Insightly

  • 3-month commitment to the program
  • Answer 15 questions a month in our online community. 

  • 35% off existing paid Insightly plan or any paid Insightly plan
  • Insightly badge that can be displayed on your website
  • Insightly Heroes tag that’s recognized in the community
  • Quarterly 1:1 sessions with an Insightly Customer Success Specialist, Product Manager, and Community Team member
  • Early access to beta testing on new features
  • Advanced access to news & information
  • Invitations to speak at Insightly online or in-person events and to contribute to the Insightly blog
  • Private forum to discuss ideas with members of the Heroes program
  • Insightly swag!

If you’ve got the qualities mentioned above and are interested in joining our program, or know of possible candidates, just fill out this simple form. We’re always on the lookout for new Heroes. Thanks!



  • Welcome, Insightly Heroes! Thanks so much for all you to do to help our customers out.

  • Hi Micah!

    I can't believe it's been almost a year already. I think of when the program started and how many thousands of customers this group has helped since then and am just floored.

    To answer your question, a program is still being worked on. As long as you have filled out the request form, you can be assured we'll reach out when something is in place. Thanks! 

  • Yay! Welcome everyone! Happy to have you! :) 

  • Welcome Heroes! Thank you for all your help and contributions! But important question now, who's Batman? Superman? :D

    @David I used to watch Arsenal games at a bar in SF! My son even has a toddler kit for himself. :) 

  • I concur Hurley. Brenda, how do we get our profile on the Meet the Heroes part?

  • Hi Eric! For starters, you'll need to be a Hero :) j/k - We'll get you up today!

  • Hi Insightly Team,

    We are coming up on our one year anniversary in less than 45 days and have made so much progress!

    When would we expect to see a partner program for consultants and/or resellers?

    Thank you,


  • Thank you, Brenda!

    We are looking forward to it.


  • For Dupai to walk forward I think it best for me to join the insightly group!

  • Hey I'm a noobiie😁 would 💖💖💖to be a part of the HERO' TEAM but I have 2 be quit honest I know nothing about ur compacompany at the moment 😅 I some how got turned on to u guys from trying to download a #bitconnectwallet. No worries I'm here now and ur program intrigues me bunches. So it would be awesome to be schooled on ur company so I can be a part of this unique and intriguing brand thanks p.s. it didn't let me download the wallet btw because I'm a free member at the moment😢 Really needed that file just don't wanna join fully until I know if I could or would need ur company's services for more than just this wallewallet download. If I'm able to use ur services for more than just this I'd be a little more willing to become a paid member.💰💰💰😉

  • Hi Mz.Mulaah23:

    Thanks for your interest in Insightly. Our features don't include a wallet tool, so I'm not sure if this is the service you are looking for. We have loads of help articles to get you started:

    Or if you prefer,  we can get you in touch with our Sales team for a demo or our product. Let us know :)

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