IMPORT option for events?

Can we not have the option of importing events to the Insightly calendar in a CSV  or ICS file?  

I spent time fussing with calendar sync (Google) in the hopes that we could move our "special upcoming events" calendar to Insightly. Google calendar has a critical failing that disqualifies it as an option for calendar sharing in itself, namely that event descriptions are hidden unless one enters edit mode. Google calendar events thus actually look better in Insightly, where the description can be read just by clicking on the event.


"Synced" events cannot be made visible to others in my team. Only events created as Insightly events can be made visible. Right?

Entering events directly into the Insightly calendar is only a partial solution. I have hundreds of events in a spreadsheet, and am not anxious to copy and paste the data into your form, one value at a time.

Am I missing something? 

Loading up the calendar with events (from Outlook or Excel) should be a simple as loading up the contacts list.



  • Hi JaniceK!

    It's not possible to import events directly to the calendar. Currently calendar sync is the only option available for pulling in information in larger quantities at a time.

    I understand your frustration with this and appreciate your feedback about this type of feature being useful for you. 

    Thank you!

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  • This. Please allow importing of other calendars into Insightly, not just sync or view other calendars. We have a lot in ours and want to move over but this is gonna take awhile inputting these one by one!

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  • Hi Abby,

    If you'd like to see this feature implemented in Insightly in a future update, I'd recommend that you post it on our Ideas & Suggestions page, so that your fellow Insightly users can vote on it and comment. :)

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