How to export tasks with linked contacts or leads

How do I export my task list showing the linked contacts, organization or lead?

The advanced report feature is only showing linked Email, Note, Opportunity or Project.





  • Hello Pedro,

    Thank you for reaching out!

    You can create an activity report for the respective record types (Contact Activity, Lead Activity, Organization Activity). If you only want tasks, use the filter for "Activity Type equals Task".

    We currently do not have an option from the Tasks report to display all linked items. I think it's great feedback to improve our Advanced Reporting though. Let me switch this to our Ideas & Suggestions page so we can gather more feedback for this request!

  • Hi there,

    This feature would indeed be a great contribution to the advanced reporting tool. We started using this tool a couple of weeks ago and I especially like the task reporting feature to keep track of our employees tasks. As we assign tasks to leads, having the option as linked item in the task report, would be very helpful.



  • I agree. This feature is very important and needs to be added as soon as possible. It is of utmost importance to track who the task was for. 

    Thank you,


  • Thank you Morgan!

  • If you export your tasks to Excel using the export feature rather than advanced reporting, you capture all the linked items (projects, opportunities, contacts).


  • Jessica, this does show it but I don't see any details of what took place so unfortunately that option doesn't work for myself or I assume others that are looking for the same info.

  • Drew,

    I'm unsure what you mean-- what info exactly is missing? Maybe I can find another workaround.

  • I think the issue is that there is no linked Lead option. When you export tasks assigned to leads it is basically useless because all you have is the date and task name. Nothing about the lead associated with the task.

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