Linking History, Notes, or Tasks "Up"

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I assumed if I linked an opportunity to an organization and to the organization's contacts that if I entered a note or a task or some other type of change on a contact or organization level that I would be able to see it on the Opportunity level. Is this not the case?

Basically, I am trying to write internal instructions for us to be able to track things that happen and I'm nervous that we can't see changes on the contact level when just look at opportunity and vice versa. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated on using these functionalities together to capture all related information, but not confusing people by telling them to look through 3 different levels: org, opp, and contact.

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  • Hi Lauren!

    When you link a contact to another record type, this provides easy navigation and association from one record to another but it does not sync the information from the two records together. 

    If you add a note or something similar on your contact, it won't add that note to the organization it's linked to or something similar. 

    You would want to add the notes directly to the record you want them on and maybe tell people in those notes to refer to the linked record for specific information. 

    Here is an article about linking from our help pages: Linking records

    I hope that helps! If you have other questions, let us know.

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