App doesn't sync calendar with desktop

Hello -

Next problem. The app doesn't sync with the desktop calendars. I cannot see my teammates on my app calendar. Just my own. How to remedy

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  • Hello Sia!

    Currently our mobile apps only sync to your Insightly calendar. It's not possible to see external calendars such as Google or the calendars of other users on your account. 

    We are hoping to add this feature in the future, however. 

    Thank you1

  • So if I add an event on my iphone using iCal and save the event as a google calendar event, the event will show up in my Insightly calendar on my desktop but not on my mobile app by design?  Can we please change this?  There are so many useful things about CRM software but it seems as though every vendor has some massively annoying glitch in their design like this.  The point of having a service like Insightly is to assist a business owner like myself in not "dropping the ball" on something like an appointment.  I consistently find myself reverting back to a pen and paper to keep track of my day because of how massively unreliable every CRM program I have used so far is.  The worst part about this is, you won't even know a condition like this exists until you miss your appointment.  I have consistently commented that Insightly is so close to being perfect IMO with the exception of a few glitches that can cause catastrophic expectation failure.  And most of these glitches seem awfully simple to fix.  

  • Thank you for your feedback James. We appreciate the time you took to provide us additional information on the importance of the calendar features on the mobile app. We're constantly working on bettering our product and experience. 

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