Email Open Tracking

 I would like to see (and would pay additionally for) a notifier when somebody opens my email.  There are times when I send an email to somebody and I want to know in real time if they've opened it, or even if they are opening it at that moment.  (A bit creepy, yes, but still valuable.)  There are programs to do that (Yesware is one) and other CRM programs that are not as good as Insightly have that capability.  But I would love to have that capability in Insightly.



  • Hi Bob 

    It's a great idea. Would love to see that myself! 

    Same idea has been posted here:

    If you add your vote to that post as well, we can give some more attention! 

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  • Not exactly sure how to 'vote' but you've got my support...and my vote if i knew how to do it.

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  • When you open a post here on the forum there is two small arrows to the left of the post title. Press the up arrow to cast your vote! 

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  • I used to use Sidekick for this very same reason but then moved to the Insightly sidebar to get more value out of our own data. I do miss that notification though. It was quite good to know if somebody had received your email and whether or not they were just ignoring you!

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  • Hey guys, 

    If you are using Gmail you can send read receipts via Gmail and then save the email to Insightly via the sidebar. I recently had my boss ask me if there was a way and I found that. If you click on the more options icon (little down arrow) to the right hand side of the trash in the draft for Gmail you will come across request read receipt. If you are a Google Apps for Work subscriber you might have to change the organization settings to allow it. If you need more info on that ask me and I can get it. Then if you click the Insightly icon next to the send button it will send the email to Insightly as well as the person and you will get a read receipt for the email.

    Hope that helps you!

    Monique Bowler

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