Mobile app Issues

Dear Insightly team,

I am unable to view task comments from insightly mobile app.

My registered mail ID is XXXXXX

and i am using redmi 2 xiomi mobile phone.

can u please provide a help on this issue soonly .

u can call me on  XXXXXX..







  • Hi Nawaz!

    Since this is a public forum, I'm removing your email address and phone number from your post. 

    To view the task comments, you'll want to first make sure you sync your app. You can do this by pulling the page down. Or you can log out and log back into the app completely. 

    Then you'll want to open the task and tap "Related" to view any comments. 

    Please let me know if you're still having trouble with this!

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  • Nawaz replied:

    Dear insightly,

    As per your answers,I just tried to re-installed insightly mobile app on my phone.

    and done a pulling down a page, but still i am finding a same

    issues,which cannot be seen task comments.

    so please resolve my issues as soon as possible


    Nawaz khan

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  • @Nawaz - Thank for letting us know and for trying those steps!

    Can you please let me know if you also tapped on "Related" once you opened your task to see the commens? 

    Also, I know that the model phone you're using uses the KitKat version of Android, are you still on KitKat or are you using a newer update? 

    Thank you!

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