Not planned

Create HTML email templates and insert images.

An HTML editor would be nice, but at the very least the ability to write or paste HTML code into a template.





  • There is clearly an underlying reason why Insightly won't implement this feature - to call what we're asking for a significant feature is quite baffling and quite honestly a ridiculous reply to many customers requests.

  • Folks! Insightly's email features are designed as a basic method of communication, and our Sales and Customer Success teams use them daily.
    For marketing emails, we use Marketo. Marketing professionals require a feature set that products like MailChimp are built around, and we provide an integration like MailChimp only to serve customers who need those tools.
    We completely understand the desire to have one application that does it all, and we would love to be that product someday. But there's a lot to do, and we won't be adding rich text editing and the other advanced email features for the foreseeable future.
  • No one is asking for marketing emails -- and clearly mentioning otherwise. Though, I'll have to admit, the way this issue has been responded to by the Insightly team has me looking at other CRMs, and I'm finding a few that seem much better options for our needs.  So, thanks for that!  

  • Dennis,

    No one is talking about creating a marketing automation or email marketing platform, and there is nothing "advanced" about rich text editing/HTML emails.

    We're talking about having professional emails with style, images, links, etc. The things any typical email client or even this discussion board can do.

    We're talking about the things that would be pretty much bare-metal functionality in terms of composing emails.

    Most, if not all, of us already have email marketing and marketing automation platforms. We just want you to stop making our communications look incomplete, dated and unprofessional.

  • For us the issue it when it comes to workflow automation where we want to trigger emails from templates at different points in the customer journey. 

    When you introduce workflow automations with email sending options the system is quite clearly geared towards marketing. 

    Without this, the primary reason we'd ever use workflow automation (drip marketing) is rendered useless. Now it has to be done manually... Makes little sense and should be fixed. 



  • For those who find this and aren't aware, one of Insightly's upcoming updates in 2019 is going to be the addition of email marketing to the platform.

    It's worth noting that the email marketing option will be an add-on because it will have an additional cost to it -- just like how HubSpot's CRM is independent of their email marketing features or how SalesForce is independent of theirs (Pardot).

    A solution is coming, but it seems to be independent of the existing email functionality.

  • Honestly, I can't believe it... I do not think we are asking for the moon here.

    Rich text editing/HTML is a basic feature...

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