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Official Bug Submission and Monitoring System?

We need a place to report bugs.  Not support questions, but actual broken things in Insightly.

Do you use a bugtracker system at all?  Can it be opened up to users as well so that we can see the list of bugs and estimated repair plan/date.



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    Hi Christie, 

    As Lyla noted above in her post, we have a system in place to monitor and track issues that are submitted to us. This is a combination of ticket tracking and Jira's. Pretty standard in the support space.  From the customer's end, you can submit issues to our team, we will validate and submit to engineering to have them work a fix in the coming sprint. 

    Meanwhile, your ticket remains with our team and we will notify you upon the fix.  


    Hope this helps with your concern.  


    Thank you,

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  • Hi James:

    We do have a system for tracking bugs, this is internal use only and not available to the public. Thanks for sharing this idea with us!

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  • Any news on this? We are trialing Insightly and we have already discovered a handful of bugs. Happy to report them so you can improve the product. A Github style "issues" would be nice so we can keep track of what is closed.

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  • Hello Christie,

    If you are a paid user with an active Insightly subscription you can always submit issues you find in your account via our ticketing system. Here are the steps:

    1. Sign in to the Help Center using the link at the top of the page. This is not your Insightly login. If you don't have a Help Center account, create one using the same email address you use with Insightly
    2. Click Submit a request and enter the subject and description of the issue. You may also attach files to your request.
    3. After submitting your request, you'll receive an automated email confirmation with your ticket number. The Insightly Customer Care team will research your issue and follow up with you via email.

    If you don't have a paid subscription and still have issues with your Insightly Account that you need help with you can always post those issues to our "Troubleshooting and Tips page". There's also a helpful page called "Discussions and Best Practices" this page is intended for users to help each other out find solutions and workarounds. 

    Thanks for your time and patience. We appreciate your contribution to our Help Center. 


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