Is there a was to keep Industry field when lead converts to Company/Contact?

So the question is straightforward - how can I keep Industry field from Lead section in all others (Opportunity, Contact, Organisation) section when converting a lead, without having to create a new custom field for that each section?



  • Hello Vedran!

    It's not possible to carryover a custom field from one record type to another. You'll need to create that field on each record type you'd like it for and/or want to convert to. 

    Thank you for letting us know this would be a useful feature addition!

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  • Hi Jessica,thank you for fast reply...

    The thing is, Industry field is not a custom field - it's a standard field we got upon opening account and it's just silly to lose it in Contact/Organisation as it's pretty important (at least to us).

    I mean it's just a matter of few code lines to have it in other sections as it's already built in the system so this would be our major feature request.


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  • @Vedran - Thank you for your feedback! 

    I know that the lack of that field carrying over is tedious. We do have the steps you can take as a workaround but there is no automatic carryover of that field when you convert. 

    A workaround that you can try is: 

    When converting the lead, put the industry in the description as descriptions carryover to the new record. Then, once you've converted, on the new record you can either add a tag for that industry. 

    Also, you can create a custom filter after you've converted your leads with the criteria: Filter by Description contains <insert industry here>. From those filtered results, you can select the records you'd like to add tags to, click the tag icon that appears at the top, and bulk add tags for that industry to those records. 

    With those tags you can filter your opportunities. 

    I hope this helps!

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  • Hi Mary,

    The workaround Jessica suggested above has been one several users have been using; but I understand it's not ideal. Perhaps someone else within our Community has come up with a different solution.

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  • I am a huge fan of Insightly and particularly the Opportunities and Projects (O & P) - Leads...less so. I use leads as a basic reminder to follow up with a possible "lead". I find the lack of information a bit frustrating to work with. In fact I head straight to opportunities if I need to get specific and start adding a 'paper' or voice trail to a possible prospect.  I link O & P's to contacts and organizations to the opportunity to give me an even better picture.

    My favorite part of opportunities and projects (I sound like a broken record) is the dedicated e-mail for each opportunity and project. For me, Lead should be re-named "Reminders'" . I do like the visual of all the leads in one (2...) screens depending on how many I have or want to keep. It jogs my memory and then I am off the O an P's. It really depends how you want to set things up.

    Hope this helps.

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  • Thank you, all.  I agree with Vedran, the proposed work-around by Insightly is not only tedious but it is ripe for user error.  Insightly needs to resolve this in my opinion.  It is an oversight.  Marketers use Industry as a key segmentation field so to lose it upon conversion to a contact record is unacceptable.  



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