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I am working on a team to track our interactions over time and space. So we want to get the information we have in Insightly on a map. We are an ArcGIS (ESRI product) shop. I am wondering if we can automate the data request via API — to request data, and suck it down into MS Access or ArcGIS (which is preferable).





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    This is definitely the type of thing you can do with the API. I am assuming that the ESRI platform provides some sort of interface as well. If so, it will be pretty straightforward to write a script that grabs recently updated records from insightly, does whatever processing it needs to, and then sends them up to the ESRI system. We see people doing these sorts of sync integrations all the time.

    You can find the docs and sandbox for version 2.2 of the API at

    Any questions, just let me know.

    Brian McConnell

    Insightly Engineering Team

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