Mass Tagging A List Of Contacts

If I had 30 pre-existing contacts I wanted to tag with the same tag, how would I do this in the most efficient fashion?

I tried importing them in a CSV file with the tag, but it skips over all the contacts in the import list because it recognizes them as duplicates instead of seeing the tag as an update to the already created contact file. 



  • Hi there Nicola, happy to help you out with this :)

    We do have a Bulk Edit you can use for adding tags to multiple records at once, reassigning leads, projects, or opportunities, and many other functions.

    Updating via import unfortunately won't work since there are duplicate detection rules set up to prevent your data from getting jumbled up with duplicates.

    Hope this points you in the right direction!

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  • Hi Lyla T.

    I've tried to mass tag using the Bulk Edit option but none of our tags appear. 

    I type in the tag name manually and click 'Save the Bulk Edit". I am then instructed that 'Your bulk edit changes are now being saved to Insightly'. 

    I open the individual contact to check that the tag has been assigned, only to find out that none of the contacts I selected for Bulk Edit tagging have been tagged.

    I've tried both the 'Add Tags' and 'Bulk Edit' option ticked the Contact - neither of these options work Bulk assigning a tag to multiple contacts.

    How can I bulk tag please?


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  • Hello Annette,

    Sorry to hear you are having this trouble. Can you provide the exact steps you are taking when attempting to do this? If you like you can also provide a screenshot showing examples where the record did not update. 

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  • Hi Alejandro,

    My manager Sonja Hood sent the same email plus attachment to 500+ Contacts in Insightly.

    I now want to tag these contacts with 'midyear_report_2019' so there is a record of who has received this report. 

    The quickest way to do this, I thought, would be through the Emails sent tab in Insightly. I would select the record and be able to tag the recipient of the email with the new tag 'midyear_report_2019'.

    I did this and found that only the email was tagged with the 'midyear_report_2019' but not the Contact. And its the contact that I want to tag. 

    Is there a way of doing this via the Email tab? 

    The only other way is to tag each individual contact (500+) and this is very Long winded and time consuming (which I know, as I have just done it today).

    Screenshot below is what I was trying to do via the Email Tab.

    Is there any time saving and efficient way I can tag the 500+ recipients of these emails?

    Thank you, Annette 

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  • Hello Annette,

    Thanks for the clarification. I see now what your initial steps were. Yes, you are correct when you add a Tag via the Sent Email tab this will add the Tag to the emails and not the Contacts. 

    The current way you can add Tags to Contacts is only via the Contacts Tab. May I ask if these Contacts you email were email based on certain criteria that we might be able to use to help filter your Contact records? 



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