Automatically Update Contacts

There are some other CRMs that have a great feature that we need in Insightly! The feature (Stay-in-Touch) would allow us to send out an e-mail to our contacts from the system and ask our clients to update their own information. The e-mail should populate with the clients data and provide them a link to update any missing, outdated or erroneous data. The updates should automatically update the insightly database.

We spend tons of time updating contact info, this would be a huge benefit.



  • Nice idea to let selected (!) customers suggest changes to their data. What type of customers do you have who need and use this?

    If implemented I would like to be able to check the data for interesting and maybe wrong input before database update is done.

    Sounds quite complex to implement, the more I think about it. But would be a nice feature. I'll give a +1

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  • Nice idea

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  • Mailchimp allows this via the *|UPDATE_PROFILE|* merge tag. One alternative in Insightly would be to allow Insightly to import MailChimp data the way it does with Quickbooks, where you can copy contact information to or from Insightly and Quickbooks. Even better, allow bulk contact data transfer between Mailchimp, Quickbooks, and Insightly!

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  • Hello, 

    Please watch my tutorial here to learn how to setup Insightly with Mailchimp and Zapier using the Insightly Update Contact Action. 

    Thank you,


    Special thanks to John for helping me to find a solution :) 

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