Links in a project?

Hi there!

We have a project with several events in it. Each event is linked to several contacts (The people who attended the event). Is it possible to collect the names of the people who are linked to ANY event in a specific project? Basically, instead of seeing the list of linked contacts in each event, can we aggregate them project wide?




  • Hi Dan:

    No, there's not a way to filter or sort by linked records, but I have seen other users use this as a workaround.

    When you link a Contact to an event, you can also create a contact tag with a naming convention that is similar to your event. Then add that tag to the contact. Then you can create a Contact report using the Contact Tag as a filter. 

    Hope this works for you.

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  • Happy to report that we've recently shipped new Linked Item Reports. You can find out more about it in our help article.


    Unfortunately, this doesn't address the Event part of your request. But does for Projects. Thank you for your vote.

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