Advanced Reporting with tasks to include the organization

Good Morning,

Been trying to figure this one out with no luck.  I'm running task reports by user so I can review their activity.  Since I do not know everyone they talk to, it's helpful to have the organization in the same report. Is there something I'm missing to get that to populate or is it not just a feature at this time?

If it's not a feature, does anyone know of a work around?




  • It looks like you can only populate the Linked Opportunities or Projects from the Task Report.  However, if you approach it from the other direction, I think you might get what you are looking for.  Start with the "Organization Activity Report", which tracks any action that happens involving an Organization.  You can add Task fields to the report, like assignment and due date, and then you can filter the "Activity Type" to "TASK" in order to only see the task related items.

    Hope this helps!

  • I am having the same issue. Coming add it from the Organization side doesn't help me because only tasks for the Organization are reported. So if the user linked it to a contact, it is not reported. I did try it from the Contact Activity report, but again I do not see a way to add Organization to the report. 

    It seems reasonable that you would want to run a report to understand every Organization contacted, even if the task is for the contact of that Organization. 

  • Chris,

    Thanks for the help but unfortunately I cannot see the contact that we spoke with unless they manually type it in the task title which defeats the whole purpose of linking people IMO.

    I'm honestly surprised that something so critical in sales (seeing who a contact is associate with in a report) is not possible.  I would think it's just a quick add to link the contact and organization in reporting.


    - Drew



  • Hi Drew,

    I agree with the steps that Chris provided the only suggestion I would make is to add Task Assigned to for your report.

  • Thanks Nora.  But this still doesn't solve the original problem.  My employees link the contact to the organization and I cannot see both in one report.  It seems like this is an easy thing to add on the back end to either of the activity reports.  What's the point of linking people to an organization if I have to add it again in a task name to be able to see who they talked to or what organization that contact is from?

  • Hi Drew,

    Thanks for following up. The way Advanced Reporting is set up at this time there isn't a different workaround. I spoke with our advanced reporting specialist who informed me this is on their radar. I'll keep you posted with any updates.

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