Having both 'active' and 'inactive' contacts

Hi team,

A nice feature to have would be able to identify contacts as 'active' or 'inactive' - when they leave the company. The 'inactive' status should apply certain conditions to the contact, such as never including them in mailers, perhaps having a special format to the contact panel and crucially removing them from the 'link' view in organisations. 

A tag structure would normally be fine, however we work in retail, where contacts shift frequently but remain within the industry at a senior level so are good to keep, and at a store level just change continuously - so the 'Former Employee' tag just doesn't cut it as it would seriously clutter the org view.

Please consider implementing a 'deactivate contact' feature in the actions dropdown, would make me and my team incredibly happy!



  • Hi Kyle, 

    You could create a custom field for this situation (Employee Status), you could even use a pull-down if you have very specific terms (Current, Former). More info on creating Custom Fields here.You could also position it within the "About" page so that it's closer to the top of page and you see it first. Then when you export for mailings, emails, etc. you can filter by Employee Status = Current and you won't capture anyone who is a former employee. 

    I'm not sure if there is a fast way to un-link them from the organization since you can't do this in bulk but you could make it a practice that whenever you change the status, you manually un-link OR change their relationship to "Is a former employee of" which you can also customize in settings. Learn how to do that here. I hope this helps!

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  • Just one point to note about Amanda's answer which I otherwise totally agree with.

    Relationships between organisations and contacts do not have a drop down value. It is only relationships between contacts and contact and organisations and organisations that have dropdown values. This is a real shame as it means that there is no consistent way of marking somebody as a former employee other than ensuring that you write that value in each time.

    I added a suggestion a while back to see if Insightly could not put an active or inactive flag on a relationships or alternatively a date range so that you would no if the relationship i.e. employment had ended or was still ongoing. You can vote for it here: https://support.insight.ly/hc/en-us/community/posts/207171057-Relationship-end-dates

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  • Thanks, David. And you are totally right about the contact to contact and org to org relationship, I hadn't realized. I was able to customize relationships with "Is a former employee of" and "Is the former organization of" but you can't use them across contact and org. My apologies!

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  • Hi Amanda - thanks for taking the time to reply, I had considered a dropdown however while it allows you to filter, is still is a less than ideal situation - reasons I personally believe inactive/active status set at a system level to be a better implementation:

    • No consistent way to say 'Ex-Employee' in contact to org relationships
    • Depending on industry and company size, creates cluttered and confusing org cards
    • Filters based on tags or job titles have to be changed to exclude custom field contacts, which not all staff will do
    • Even if filters are based on tags, you don't want to delete all tags as they still generally contain valuable information that you should want to keep.
    • This problem usually becomes apparent a few months into implementation, leading to aggravation and process change.
    • Active/Inactive could apply other rules like automatically stripping work email/tel fields but preserving personal ones, saving time.


    All in all, active/inactive = 1 consistently applied step that results in a state applying multiple well conceived rules

    All other solutions have too many variables and therefore potential for user error, while also involving multiple steps (in some cases many (when it comes to filters). We have had to expend mental bandwidth just thinking of a solution, which to my mind warrants consideration :)


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  • Thanks, Kyle! All the points you've made are valid and hopefully this will get more votes on David's original feature request (don't forget to vote!).  I merely was suggesting filters as a workaround and remember to save a step you COULD save the filter and make it available to your entire team:

    I know it's not ideal but every little bit helps right? Good luck and I hope the mental bandwidth can stand the wait until this feature is (hopefully) added! :) Again, don't for get to vote!


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  • All great ideas here, thanks everyone!

    With more interest, this can be considered as a possible addition to Insightly. Our product team does check our Community, even if you don't hear from them directly :)

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