Importing / exporting data with latin special characters

Our organization is from Mexico, so our entire CRM has special characters such as 'ñ' or written accents. 

When we export information to a CSV file, data is changed. Right now we have to edit our file in order to correct the strange characters that appear instead of the original ones. For example, León becomes León. 

Will this change some day?



  • Hi there,

    I'm sorry to hear about the trouble.

    This update isn't on our roadmap; however we appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback. It gives us a better idea of the users needing this feature.


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  • Hello, I was about to ask the same question, working with a lot of international contacts we have many names with accents in our CRM, this causes a problem when exporting. I hope you will update this feature. 

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  • I have the same issue with importing special characters such as é, è, ö, ü....very common in France and Germany, for example.

    Am dealing with scientists all over Europe and don't want to mistakenly send them an Email such as "Hi Professor Th�ry" ...that would lose me a sale.

    P.S. Loss of special characters during importation has been a problem since the 1980's and we're relying on your generation to fix it ;-)

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