FAQs - The New Way to Get Insightly Support

In August of 2016, Insightly Support became the primary destination for help for customers on a Free Insightly plan. Below is the archived FAQ that was posted when email ticketing support was discontinued for their plan. 


Q. What is email ticketing support?

A. Email ticketing support is the one-on-one support you receive from our Support team, where you write in about a problem you’re having, and one of our support agents replies privately to you.


Q. I’m a customer on the Gratis or Free Insightly plan. What happens if I still have an open ticket after Support ends?

A. If your ticket remains open after email ticketing support ends, we’ll continue working with you until your ticket is resolved.


Q. What happens if I try to submit a new ticket after support ends?

A. Any new tickets submitted by customers on our Gratis or Free plan after support ends will be re-directed to our help resource called Insightly Support where you can ask questions, suggest product features, and get answers twice as fast than compared to opening a ticket.


Q. What happens if I reopen a resolved ticket after support ends?

A. If your old ticket wasn’t fully resolved, we’ll work to fix it. However if you’re using an old ticket to open up a new issue, we’ll suggest visiting Insightly Support so you can post a question to our community for Insightly team members and Insightly customers to answer.


Q. Which customers will be affected by this change?

A. Only customers on our Free or Gratis pricing plan will be affected by this support change.


Q. What if I’ve never used Insightly Support?

A. No problem! Insightly Support is easy to use. To ask a question just create a login using the same email address you use to log into Insightly. Looking for more information? Read our “Getting around the Insightly Community” post or watch our “How to use Insightly Support” video for tips on finding answers faster using Insightly Support.


Q. I’m having trouble logging into Insightly Support with my Insightly email address.

A. Have you ever logged in and looked at one of your open support tickets? If so, you may have created a login using an email address that’s different than the one you use to log in to Insightly. Just click the Forgot My Password link to to reset your password and get access to Insightly Support.


Q. Is the community private or public?

A. Our community is a public forum. That said, please be careful and think twice before posting any private or sensitive information. If your question involves information that should be kept secure, we’ll reach out to you privately.


Q. Posting in a public forum sounds scary.

A. It’s natural to be a little nervous when trying something new. Asking a question in our community is very similar to posting on Facebook. What you post doesn’t need to be earth-shattering. Sometimes the simplest posts and comments are the best. Our "Getting around the Insightly Community" post and our "How to use Insightly Support" walk you through how easy it is.




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