Print, please

I already posted a print plea, but was told to do so again, so here I go.  When I asked for a print solution I was told to export my record to excel. This is vastly inferior since my sheet is tiny with unreadable data or multiple pages.

Please put a development team in place to figure out how to print a full record and/or a filtered set of information.

So many people have asked for this already, it seems crazy it hasn't happened yet. 




  • Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for submitting your request. I would encourage you to vote and support this post as well.

  • I find it unbelievable that Insightly lacks any meaningful print option. People have been complaining about this feature for years but it appears to fall on deaf ears. #bushleague

  • Yes, unbelievable that a meaningful print option is not there

  • FOR THE LOVE -- GET THIS FIXED???? Or take the useless print icon off the page. It only serves to rub it in.

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