How to use Insightly to run Rental Property Management Business

I have a client that wishes to use a CRM to manage some aspects of his Rental Management Company.

This business does not manage the sale of houses but works with the landlords and manages their properties.

Functions required

- Communication with landlords, tenants and suppliers

- Manage maintenance request

- Find tenants

- ++++

Has anyone configured Insightly for this style of business




  • Hi Gary! Even though I don't use Insightly for rental property management from what you'v described this is what I'd recommend:

    Set up landlords,tenants and suppliers as Contacts and then all communication can be logged either by notes taken during phone calls and emails sent. You can automatically link emails sent by copying or bling copying your Insightly address. Learn about that here. It's also a great way to keep track of files (rental agreements, service contracts, etc.) by attaching them to the appropriate people. 

    Manage maintenance requests using Tasks. You can customize task categories (info on that here) and create the types of requests that are common (Heating/Cooling Repair, Appliance Issue, Landscape, etc.). You can then assign those tasks to specific landlords and monitor the progress. 

    Finding tenants may be a bit trickier, someone else may need to chime in on this one. But hopefully I've given you some ideas how you can help your client configure Insightly!

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  • Hello Garry,

    I agree with Amanda that you would set up landlords, tenants, and suppliers as contacts. 

    I have seen other management companies that set up each property as a project. Each property project can then be linked with it's landlord and tenants. This works well because landlords may have more than one property that you are managing. 

    When there are maintenance issues, they are tracked through tasks that are associated with the property projects. Tennant applicants can be tracked as leads. You will want to set up custom fields to know which property they are applying for.

    Insightly is quite flexible in customizing it's functions to accommodate your needs and I find it is a great fit for my service based clients. 

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  • Hi Amanda & Erin,

    Thanks for the feed back.  

    Erin I was thinking of creating the property as an Organisations.  This means I can then use Projects for the maintenance requests, inspections, etc. What are your thoughts

    I will run up prototype and let you know how it goes.

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  • Garry,

    I think setting up properties as organizations and maintenance requests, inspections, etc as projects is a great idea. This way, you can still use tasks for the smaller tasks related to inspections, etc. Good luck!!

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