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In our business an organisation is the lead and in some instances the organisation can have many contacts that we speak to.

We need to see at a glance what our sales pipeline is like and therefore need to attach a status to them as to where they are in the sales process for example.....

New Lead / Active (opened) / Hot Prospect (interested received information requested rates) / Set Up (received information and is asking buying questions and ready to close) / Client / Dead 

We need to see how many of the organisations on insightly are in each of the statuses above at a glance (this would be good as a header that is static through insightly or an alternative) may be you have a way in which we can do this.

Can someone please help as we need to drill down and analyse where we are.




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  • Hi Steve,

    The first thing I would suggest is setting up those specific categories you've listed (New Lead / Active / Hot Prospect / Set Up / Client / Dead) and assign them to Organizations. You can set these up under System Settings:

    You can easily see at a glance how opportunities are categorized:

    And you could filter by all Organizations that are "Active" or any of your categories. I don't work much with reports but I suspect you could also run a report based on category/status. I hope this helps.

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