Link organization automatically


It would be great that when we're setting up an opportunity, we could link to the contact and the system also automatically link the organization that the contact belongs to. It would save us a step from ahving to link the contact and then also like their organization.




  • Agreed! I don't think anyone does business with a customer, but not that customer's employer. Everyone does business through a legal business entity (i.e. organization). If we're doing business with a contact but not his organization we can just make a separate organization for that contact's side business.

    Then you can put a drop-down under each contact's setting that says "default organization to link" and displays a list of organizations that are linked to that contact as well as a "NONE" option.

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  • I completely agree!

    Also, if we link an email, task, or note to an opportunity, it should automatically link to anything that is linked to that opportunity already.

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