How to delete duplicate contacts?



I am wondering if it is possible to delete duplicate contacts in my account automatically or merge contacts on a massive scale? Can anyone help? 






  • Hi Matias,

    I think they only way to do it in bulk would be to export your contacts and then within the CSV or spreadheet delete duplicates and then import them again. Otherwise, as you come across a duplicate, you can always use the Merge Info Conact function:

    There are some measures in place to decrease duplicates, as you type a new name, if there is a contact with that name, you'll receive a warning:


    Also, when you import contacts, there are checks in place so that duplicates are not created. More info on that here

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  • I agree with Amanda, Merging Contacts is the easiest.  However, we had this happen on our account as well.  I put an asterisk in front of each duplicate record and then searched for all records that started with *.  Then you can bulk delete the duplicates fairly quickly.

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