Default email address to send to when contact has multiple emails

My clients often have multiple email addresses. I'd like to be able to identify one as the default they'd like us to use when we send them email, particularly to a collection created by a tag filter.  

Right now Insightly appears to default to using the "WORK" email.  My services are of a personal nature and most clients would prefer I send to a home or personal email if they also have one. If I can't designate on each contact which email they'd prefer, can you please at least create a system setting where we can say what email our firm would like to use by default?  I cannot be the only business that provides personal services to clients; sending things to their work address simply isn't reasonable (although I do wish to have their work email so I can link emails they send me from there to their contact file.)


Wendy Marsden, CPA



  • Hi Wendy,

    Thanks for posting your suggestion here. I do want to share with the Community some of the steps that were provided in your previous post that can be used as a workaround in the meantime.

    1. Enter only one email address you would like to use for a Contact

    2. Enter the email address (even if it's a personal email) as work email address

    3. If you have multiple email addresses for a Contact you can choose which email address you would like to correspond with if you're emailing an individual.

    4. It's only when emailing in bulk that you will not be able to select which email address to use. If you are choosing to email in bulk and would like to select different email addresses a marketing platform such MailChimp may help.


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  • Hi Nora,

    I appreciate that all things are possible if you work hard enough at it, but I want to address why my solution (of allowing the user to designate the default email to use) is better.


    1.) One of the reasons we wanted Insightly was to help gather a firehose of communications coming at us into one place.  Clients would email me from two or three different places and Gmail only searches by email address, so having ALL their emails in one place - linked to their Insightly contact - was really important to us.


    2.) I hire seasonal help each year and one of their jobs is to confirm with the client that I have all their contact information right. It would be impossible to explain to seasonal or temp workers, much less the 300 clients, that I actually MEANT to mistakenly call something their "work" address when it's their home, particularly since my clients already know we've been having a glitch this year where we accidentally sent things to their work address (before I realized you forced mass emails to go to work instead of the top address.)


    3.) I already knew I could choose the email for individual emails, but I generally send those from inside Gmail. The purpose for using the CRM is so that I can send roughly four dozen separate emails each year to an ever-changing sub-group of my ever-changing client roster.  So today I might send an email to the 25 or 26 people tagged as needing a reminder about real estate taxes in Greenfield, and tomorrow I might send an email to the 76 or 77 people tagged as being landlords to tell them about a new tax break for landlords, and on New Year's Day I'll send an email to 150 or so of my current clients who I've tagged as deducting mileage asking them to write down their odometer readings. I cannot tell you in advance who my clients will be on January 1st. I just tag the clients as current roster and then attributes they have and will create filters to grab who needs to get those emails. 


    4.) I've used MailChimp before and I would again for a large mailing to many hundreds of clients, but I only do one of those a year. The set-up time for MailChimp is non-trivial and it's a skill I only use once a year, whereas I'm in Insightly all day every day and send emails from templates to small groups using the tag filters about once a week.  I need you to be functional for the everyday things. If the solution is to go find another software package to do the thing I need Insightly to do I can do that, but I'd rather you just fixed this rather small bug.


    Two suggestions that come to mind for how to fix it: add an option in the contact screen, one attribute, to show which is the default email to use.  My previous CRM allowed us to check a box saying "default" next to the email we were picking. This would work well in the world where clients see their contact info on the iPad and are correcting it themselves.


    The other suggestion is to continue doing your system-wide default, but just let each of us choose what that system-wide default is for our file.  Where-ever you said in the code to grab "work" email, now change that to grab "default" email and give us a place in the email setup to designate which of the email choices is the default for our company, between work/personal/home/other.



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  • Thanks for your detailed feedback, Wendy.

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  • Hi

    We face the same problem. Our services are also of personal nature and we are three users who use insightly for day to day work to gather every piece of information in Insightly. Our client base is growing exponentially and each week we are sending different emails to a very dynamic subset of clients filtered through tags. Each client has a particular preference and most of them have atleast 3 email addresses which they use on random but most also have particular preference for which email address they would like to receive emails from us.

    A default email button would be a great help. We cant use Mailchimp integration because it forces the emails to be sent to "Work" email.

    Also we hire seasonal help to upgrade our database atleast thrice a year and its difficult to instruct them to put the preferred email and phone number under work instead of home even if its a personal home number. This leads to a lot of emails sent to wrong address or calls made to wrong phone numbers during our campaigns which is unproductive and embarrassing as well.

    Would be very helpful if you could expand Wendy's idea to default email and default phone number as well, which should be first to export as well.



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  • I have this exact problem, too, and I think I understand this thread, but I just want to say that it seems absurd to me. It is now 2017, and we can't specify which email address to use with which tag?

    This essentially means we need to have duplicate entries for the same person in Insightly so we can regularly send different purpose emails to different email addresses. This is especially infuriating because my understanding of why we started using Insightly in the first place was to be able to consolidate our contact information.

    Ironically, this exact thing is completely possible in Gmail -- you can tag your contacts for particular groups and choose which of their multiple email addresses you want to use for each group. You can even specify that you want to email them at more than one of their email addresses, which is sometimes useful, too. 

    Those would be terrific improvements for Insightly to make.

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  • We have a similar situation where our Contacts are students yet we would like to be able to email the students' parents using a template (but not the student). Currently, the student's email address populates the To: field and has to in order for the variable fields to populate correctly on rendering. In another CRM we used in the past, as long as you were in the Contact, the Contact's record information could be used for variables and we could designate (by using variables) which email address(es) the email would go to.

    Any chance the email To: field will allow manual entry of non-contact addresses?

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