Reporting on Milestones and Tasks

I know currently you can do a project milestone report which tells you the number of tasks complete or incomplete for each milestone. I'd like to also be able to see the individual tasks and not just the count of tasks associated with the milestone.

This could also take the form of a task report, by adding a field for Related Milestone as a field that could be added to task reports.



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    Hello Everyone,

    Happy to announce this feature is now available!

    Users will now be able to see Tasks that are associated with Milestones from their Project records in the Milestones tab.

    We thank you for your time and feedback as Insightly worked to get this feature added. 

    You can read more by clicking here.


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  • Hi Eric, 

    Thank you for the feedback here! I have documented this as a feature request that will be taken to our product team to further investigate. I completely understand the need to view this information all in one place and think it is a fantastic idea!


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  • This would also be very useful to our business and it will make the reporting a stronger tool.


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  • We would also like to be able to report 'completed' and 'uncompleted' task list by project.  Is this still on the requested feature list?

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  • This would be a terrific report addition. 

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  • I back this request as well. 

    Tnx. M/ 

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