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How do I get a list of contacts that belong to a specific organization?  Seems like a straight forward use case, but I don't see how to do it.  



  • Hello Smullen,

    In order to do that you would either have to go to the specific organization and look through the links or you could go from the contacts tab and create a custom filter. Here is a link to directions on how to set up a custom filter.

    Hope this helps!

    Monique Bowler

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  • If you are doing this regularly then you may want to set up an advanced report. You would choose a contact report and select organisation name from the report fields. You then drag that over so that you can filter on it.

    You would then need to open up the report and edit the name each time you ran it like this:


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  • This may be a minor note, but I find entering or importing the Organization first really helps everything go smoothly when I need to do something like this. You help eliminate the risk of one contact being linked to Microsoft, Inc. and another being linked to Microsoft Company. 

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