Import account history from Salesforce to Insightly.

We are converting from SF to Insightly and would like to import all of the account history.  I see where you can import Organizations with notes but they are in different files.  Is this possible?




  • Hi Tyson,

    You can absolutely import your Organizations and Notes into Insightly. There are some great articles on importing available here

    It sounds like your Organizations and Notes are currently in separate files, is that the case? If so, that's not a problem at all. If you import the organizations first, you can then go back in and import the notes so that they will sync with the appropriate organization. 

    If they are currently in the same file, that's okay too! It is still a 2 step process where you import the organizations and then go back in and import the notes, but using the same file to do so works. 

    Another helpful tool when importing is to look at the templates Insightly provides. You can view the templates, or sample files, here.

    Lastly, even if your headers don't match up exactly, you can always map them before finishing your import. 

    I hope this helps!

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  • Hi,

    If the native data import doesn't work well for you, take a look at 3rd party solutions.

    For example, Trujay can migrate Salesforce to Insightly automatically the following: Organization, Attachment, Comment, Contact, Event, Lead, Note, Opportunity, Task

    Also, the following modules can be migrated using custom mode: Email, Project, Tag, User

    To get more information, schedule a call with Trujay experts.

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