Determining version 2 usage

I just got an email telling me that I am still using version 2 of the API and that in the coming months it is going to be switched off. I had thought that I had gone through all my code and changed v2 to v2.1. Is there a way of determining which calls are being made to v2 so that I can update them?

I have searched all of my code (at least I thought I had done so) and could not find any further references to v2 but maybe I am mistaken.



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    Hi, if you are calling endpoints that contain /v2.1/ or /v2.2/ you should be fine. We had done a log file analysis about a month ago, so if you were still using v2 at that time, it would have flagged your account for notification. 

    Also, our plan is to re-route the v2.0 endpoints to v2.1, so in most cases those should work fine since the APIs are very close in terms of functionality. That said, we wanted to give people a heads up so they can update their code (and if possible, move to v2.2 as its got a lot of improvements).

    Any other questions please let me know. Thanks.

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  • Good to know that you will reroute calls to v2.1. I will have another search to see if I can see anything pointing to v2.

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