Suggestion: adding "last modified" date to orgs and contacts

It's great that you have a line saying "Contact Created" or "Organization Created" with date of original entry. It would be super helpful having a "last modified" date as well - especially for organizations whose members rotate every year or election season, etc. This would be helpful when multiple users access the same data and ensuring that everyone has the most updated contact details.

Would it be possible to add this feature next to the "date added" line?


NOTE: This suggestion was originally posted in the "submit a request" section and it was suggested I post it here.

Support also replied with: You have the option to use a custom filter to search by "Date Updated". This will track changes made within Insightly provided field not custom fields. It will track email changes , phone numbers, background field.



  • Thanks for sharing your request with the optional workaround that was provided to you Michelle! With enough support, this can be considered as a future addition.

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  • I would like to add to this suggestion the ability to capture the last modified date for projects as well. Opportunities already have this field as well as the "last modified user" field. To be consistent, I would assume that if last mod date is added -- last mod user will be too.

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  • I too would like to see the "last modified" field be available for Projects, and all records, actually, not just Opportunities because it is often helpful to see when a record was last updated.

    Lyla T. I looked at the workaround that MICHELLE-ANNE BREAU posted of using the custom filter to search by "Date Updated" - but I do not see this as an option for filtering Projects.

    Should I be seeing this as an option? 


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