Importing Tasks - Insightly sells a product it doesn't support!

Well I'm now on almost a week with not being able to import tasks and make them private.  I've pretty much lost my patience with support as it's still  unanswered.  They claim you can do it which was great as I have a national sales team and they don't all need to see each others tasks.  Yet despite countless hours of trying myself under different users, They still show up as public.  

This isn't a "wish list item" this is something that Insightly says is possible.  What have others done?  I can't go through and mark every task as private and their is no bulk editing either to do so.

I don't need another insightly community person telling me I'm in good hands.  I'm not.  So please don't insult or patronize me without a working solutions.

Beyond Frustrated,




  • Hello Drew, I suspect you've already read this article abut importing tasks but just in case you haven't, it is very helpful. My recommendation is to take the Filed Names in this article and use them as your template column headers, that way everything you import will match - including privacy.

    I just did a test using the method I described and it worked perfectly for me. I can't attach the template I used but if you'd like me to email it to you, I'd be happy to do that.

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  • Hi Amanda - Thanks for your help!

    Hi there Drew - Your ticket is still open and your Task import is being looked into. You'll be notified through the ticket once the issue is resolved.

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