PandaDocs - Tokens not populating

Anyone out there having issues with Insightly integration not autofilling in the tokens in your PandaDocs template from the opportunities? I have to manually fill in the details as it doesn't load automagically. 



  • Hi Eric,

    You are correct, that was an issue but it has since been fixed. Would you please try again and let me know if your experience is as expected?

    Thank you for using Insightly 


    -Integrations (Engineering)

  • Hi Patrick,


    No, it is not working still.  I still have to manually fill everything out.

  • Hi Eric,

    I am sorry to hear that. Would you mind elaborating a little on exactly what is going on? Is it custom fields or just normal opportunity fields?
    Has this scenario worked for you before ?
    A screen shot if possible would be very helpful as well.
    Thank you!

  • Patrick,


    I have created a support ticket yesterday about this same issue.  No one has replied to the issue in the support area. 

  • Eric,

    We have had a few hectic days as we have released a massive improvement on performance and stability. So our support team has been working hard to make sure everyone's experience is as expected.

    As for the screenshot, I see that you have organization and contact tokens in there.
    Is the expectation that your first linked contact or organization data be passed in or all linked entities? This is a design question I have been working through and your input would be valuable. But as of now, any non opportunity tokens will not be passed into the document, if you are generating it from within an opportunity.

  • Ok, so where should I be generating from? Because that would be where we would be generating everything from.

    This is how our process goes

    Lead comes in
    We qualify the lead
    We then learn their needs
    We provide them our services based on their needs, services, and budget
    Once we get the ok, push that lead to an opportunity
    Once we create the opportunity, we move to quote or proposal, which is why we need this information to be in the opportunity. We made a much of changes to the way we operate based on your systems and it only makes sense to generate our forms from the opportunity.


    We do not use your project manager as it doesn't seem to have a timer, so our projects are done in a different system which is pushed via Zapier. I'm hoping that you all can fix this soon.


    So to answer your question, The first contact person would be the one we need to pull, or we can select the one we need. Mainly, I would like the organization details pulled, we can manually choose the contact person.

  • Eric,

    This is very helpful. I will be looking into this first thing next week and will get back to you. The way i see it at first glance is that we will implement using the First Contact linked and within that contact, their Default Organization's information will be passed along as well. I will have to confirm this approach after i study it further. 

    In your Scenario, i imagine you are Converting the Lead into an Opportunity which creates the other information for you (Contact, Org, etc..) and links them. Which should make it fairly straight forward to implement as i explained above.

    As for Time tracking, we are working on a solution. Unfortunately, it is only one of the many Features we would like to bring to you and our other customers this year so i will not be able to promise you a time frame.

    I will get back to you on PandaDoc next week. Thank you again for sharing your process with us and for being a valued customer. 

    --Integrations (Engineering)


  • Thanks Patrick. Looking forward to your answer next week. Have a great weekend!

  • You too Eric!

  • Hi Eric,

    I am happy to inform you that the changes we discussed last week have been implemented but have not yet been released. That should happen soon and i will let you know when it does.

    Just to be on the same page with what we did, here is a brief explanation:

    What we have done is allowed the user to populate templates for Opportunities and Projects with information from the first linked Contact and the default Organization linked to that Contact.
    So now if you have an Opportunity template with the token [Contact.First_Name] and [Contact.Last_Name], it will automatically populate.
    From there, [Organization.Name] and [Organization.RecordId] will also be populated. If more than 1 Organization is linked to the Contact, the chosen Default Organization is used.
    Also note that only the first linked Contact to an Opportunity or Project will be populated. 
    At this time, custom fields for the Contact and Organization are not populated in PandaDoc through this scenario.
    Thank you for using Insightly!
    --Integrations (Engineering)


  • If I could upload an animated GIF, I would!  You guys are awesome!  Thank you all for making this possible!




  • Hi Eric

    The changes have been released!

    Thank you for using Insightly


    --Integrations (Engineering)

  • Hi Patrick!


    Yes I saw that this morning when we processed a document for a client first thing this morning!  Thank you all so much for being flexible and taking our feedback!!

  • It's our pleasure Eric!


    Have a good day!

  • Is custom field support coming any time soon?  I'd like to collect info on an opportunity as we develop it such as a scope of work, estimated days to complete, project cost etc.  When I create a pandadoc proposal at the opportunity level (which is where it should be) I'd like to pull the opportunity data including custom fields (which is possible now) but I'd also like to pull the organization fields including custom fields (not yet supported).  This way I can integrate the opportunity data and the company data such as default payment terms, company address, etc.  This would be a really powerful update!  For now I have to choose where to create the document and usually choose the organization but that's not really where I want to keep track of it.  Thanks!

  • hello I am having trouble with the organization token pulling the information i need.  i have attached a screenshot 

  • Hi Melanie,

    Lets try and figure this out. Thank you for the screenshot! but what i cannot figure out from it, is if you have an organization linked to your contact?

    The default organization linked to this contact would pass on it's name to the document.

    Thank you for using Insightly!

    --Integrations (Engineering)

  • Patrick I do have a Organization linked to this contact. here is a screenshot of the contact info


  • Hi Melanie,

    I see, i believe this is a case of using the wrong token. Would you mind replacing it with [Contact.Organization]. That should fix it.

    Thank you!

    --Integrations (Engineering)

  • I have Melanie's reply here:

    Thanks that fixed it. I have one more question. Can I send more than one letter using pandadoc to different contacts at one time or do I have to select each contact separately?

  • Hi Melanie,

    Happy to hear that! As for multiple contacts at one time, i'm afraid we do not have it designed that way at the moment. I have noted it down either way and will let you know if anything changes.

    Thank you for using Insightly!

    --Integrations (Engineering)

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