Insightly search doesn't search in notes?

I added some notes under a contact.


When I do a search in Insightly for terms I know appear in those notes, nothing comes up (no results).


Is that a feature or how is the search supposed to work?



  • Hello Radim


    The way to find something in your notes section by using a  key word is to:

    1. Select the "home" button at the top left of your page.

    2. At the very top you will see a white rectangular box area that says "Search all Data"

    3. Type in your  key word.

    4. When the search results come up you see a row of items at the top of the page - categories, organizations, leads, opportunities, projects, emails, more.

    5. Select the "More tab" and the first item that appears is "Notes." Select and you will find the information.


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  • Thank you! This was helpful :)

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  • I don't see a Notes field anywhere for Contacts, and "Notes" doesn't appear in the More tab you mention. 

    The closest thing I see in Contacts is a free-form text field labelled Background. We're using that for Notes. But "Background" doesn't appear as an option when doing searches, and Insightly isn't finding text we enter there. ;-(

    Where is Notes?



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  • Hi Anne-Marie Concepcion:

    These are 2 separate areas you are referring to. To add a Note to one of your records you will see it in the subtabs above:

    The More tab is where you will go to see if your global search has brought up any related Notes:

    Hope this helps to clarify. If you're not seeing these same options, post a screenshot of what you're seeing and we'll help get this sorted out :)

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