Cannot import mail adresses only in leads

The import guide says that each lead to be imported from an external source (i.e. Excel) needs at leas a last name. We have been using MailCimp for years successfully and decided to start our use of Insightly by importing all those mailadresses. They are our vital lead source as for now. However this is not possible. Why? Our plan was to fill the lead database with mailaddresses, and once enriched from email marketing campaigns (either in Insightly or Mailchimp) to convert them to contacts. We understand that contacts need to be fully complete. But leads from its definition is the bulk source. Is there any work around? We tried to fill lastname, street address, postal code and city with 'null' or 'unknown' but that does not work. Probably Insighly sees this as duplicates. Help, we are stuck and if this does not work we need to quit the use of Insightly as this is vital for us. For the rest of the functionality we are fully satisfied, so we would regret to leave>



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  • Hi Hans,

    The last name is needed for Leads. What you can try is entering "Null1, Null2, Null3" so that each Lead you try to import will trick the system into thinking its a new Lead and not appear as a duplicate.

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