API error: user does not have access to leads


When retrieving leads from the API in some cases, I get an error: "API User does not have access to leads".  I get this with both the v2.1 and 2.2 API, when trying to do any API calls related to leads (such as GET LeadStatuses, LeadSources, etc)

When using my own (developer) credentials this does not occur, but I'm running into this issue when trying to authenticate our integration on behalf of a customer.

I tried to reproduce this using my developer credentials by turning off lead management, as well as some other settings which looked like they might be related, but I couldn't reproduce the error.

Does anyone know what permissions this error message is referring to?  Is there a specific privilege level needed to use leads?  Could this be caused by lead management being turned off, perhaps, even though turning it off in my portal doesn't produce the error?

Anyway thanks so much for reading -- and in advance if you're able to shed any light.




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  • This sounds as though the instance for which you are hitting has Lead management turned off for the instance.

    If that has recently been turned on for the instance, then I would re-authenticate the api key - If the setting is cached for the api access token, there is a time delay before the setting will become effective for a given api key.


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