Problem updating opportunity values using the python sdk

TL;DR- Opportunity values not getting updated when updating an opportunity via the python sdk.

Please see the issue I opened on the github repository several days ago for details-




ps. I also posted on the API specific forum but it doesn't seem to have much activity so I decided to post this here as well. Moderator please feel free to delete either post if the duplication is a problem



  • Oded,

    "Opportunity Value" is a calculated value based on BID_AMOUNT, BID_TYPE and BID_DURATION.

    The API doesn't actually support the field OPPORTUNITY_VALUE at all for an Opportunity

    I checked the python code and there's no reference to "OPPORTUNITY_VALUE" there either.  Of course, it could be in something old or outdated that I'm not seeing.

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  • Thanks, that solved my issue!

    I think adding a comment regarding OPPORTUNITY_VALUE being read-only in the context of the API/SDK might be helpful as it is output similarly to the rest of the fields. 

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