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I'd like to see support for Freshdesk as a plugin for Insightly, such that freshdesk tickets for customers can appear in within, or against, their insightly account. 


Currently Freshdesk will show insightly information against it's tickets but it would be great if our sales people could see what support information was kicking around for a customer from their view point.





  • Thanks for the suggestion, Oliver.

    Community: Is anyone else using Freshdesk?

  • yes and I would love to integrate to Freshdesk 

  • Hi Nora


    There's a good thread of people over at Freshdesk who want integration and who are using freshdesk to show insightly details about ticket contacts. Being able to see Freshdesk tickets and other information in Insightly would be a god-send.




  • Thanks for the link Olly!

  • We use Freshdesk and it certainly would be good to have an integration of a similar style to that of Xero. It would be good to see open tickets or ticket history directly on the Insightly contact.

    Freshdesk does have an integration with Insightly but it is extremely limited. For us the CRM is the central repository of clients. That is why we want to see sales (accounting) info, helpdesk info as well as lead generation info in Insightly.

  • Yes i use FreshDesk and its a real irritation the lack of integration

  • Currently it is a painful exercise that doesnt work at all well

  • Thank you for adding your support Kevin, don't forget to add your vote too (if you haven't already)!

  • Espero que esta integração com plataforma de suporte (Freshdesk) seja em breve. É um grande problema atualmente utilizarmos apenas BCC para integrar conversas e demais informações no CRM Insightly, seria de uma grande ajuda.

  • Hi Thiago:

    This isn't on our current road map at this time but we appreciate you sharing your thoughts on the addition of a Freshdesk integration.

  • If you had a freshdesk implementation,  purchasing your software would a no-brainer.  Please add me to the list of very anxious customers.



  • Lyla,


    Why not?  As Insightly has so many integrations, and I simply hate ZenDesk, which I'm sure a lot of us FreshDesk users do as well.  You guys are becoming one the top CRM's out there and not having this on your roadmap is a bit disappointing. I am almost certain that a lot of your customers are using FreshDesk.  Come'on you all can add this to your roadmap!  Please? ***I'm giving puppy eyes*** LOL. But seriously, please?

  • We are big users of both Insightly and Freshdesk. We are also software developers. If I knew that I could develop an integration that added a tab to Insightly in the same way that the Xero integration worked then I would quite likely go ahead and develop an integration myself.

    However, unless that functionality is in the pipeline I would not want to develop an integration that is not directly connected to Insightly. Freshdesk have their own integration with Insightly but I don't find that particularly useful as I spend most of my time in Insightly collecting a complete view of my contacts there rather than in Freshdesk.

  • I want to upvote this idea.  We are using Insightly and selling other companies on the idea of using this and Freshdesk in tandem, and seeing metrics from Freshdesk directly in a contact/Opportunity/Project would be huge for us to be able to push both products to more customers.  Please make this a thing as soon as humanly possible.

  • We are very interested in this too.  Lyla did send me information on how we could develop this ourselves and I'm currently looking for a developer to do it for us.

  • My company uses Insightly and would greatly appreciate integration with FreshDesk, not just a Plug. I don't know anything about coding, so when they talk about Plugs, I get lost. Please help.

  • How to upvote this? 

    Also looking for freshdesk integration, would help a lot with account management

  • Would definitely buy more users if insightly and freshdesk were integrated properly.

  • Hello, I want to throw my vote in for this integration as well.

  • Um, heck yes!  Freshdesk data is absolutely essential to my reps, so I definitely would like to see an integration so they could read tickets.

  • I vote for this integration too.

  • Just an update we actually had to move all of our customer's away from Insightly to a custom solution since we couldn't sell them on using 2 separate services to handle 2 very related datasets.  Freshdesk's API is relatively painless to program against so I'm not sure why we couldn't integrate directly in Insightly.

  • I have already mentioned this on another thread but we have actually developed an integration with Freshdesk. Every time a new ticket comes in a task is created on the Insightly contact's record. As updates are made to the ticket they are added as comments to the task. When the ticket is closed or opened again, the task is completed or opened again.

    It is not meant as a substitute for Freshdesk because the task markup is not as good as in Freshdesk (we had to remove some of the markup as it was interfering with the Insightly page) but it gives a great idea of what the relationship is with a contact. If they have an outstanding active support case or not and how to proceed with contacting them. This is especially true when our sales team is not necessarily the same as our support team.

    This solution is currently set up just for our organisation but we have been considering making it generic and selling it to others. If there is some interest out there in becoming beta users then please let me know.

  • Freshdesk integration would be extremely helpful as recently, I tried to create a workaround by adding my Insightly mailbox address to my outbound tickets in Freshdesk.

    The emails never reach my Insightly account and after checking with Freshdesk, it seems that the Insightly servers are not accepting the emails. I contacted support to see if I could get the Freshdesk IP's white listed but was told to just cc myself and use the Insightly button within gmail.

    The point of having these apps is to streamline and increase efficiency. Freshdesk have made the effort at their end. It would be very helpful is Insightly could do the same.

  • We're another Freshdesk/Inslightly user;  integration would be extremely helpful when working through a "evaluation" phase as frequently the customer asks both "support" and "business" questions in the same e-mail thread.

    It's difficult to have a cohesive view of the (potential) customer during the evaluation and sales process.  We moved from an integrated helpdesk/CRM system which, while it was *dreadful* in many ways, did have a good integration.

    Be good to see this implemented... 

  • Hey guys,

    Thank you for your feedback regarding this integration. Insightly is constantly striving
    to improve the integration between itself and its
    partners. Could you give us an idea of what information you would like seen?
  • Hi Alex

    I'll post these individually in "user story" format.



    As a person who runs direct marketing campaigns from my Insightly contacts and organisations, I would like to be able to import one or more contacts from Freshdesk and assign them to their organisations in Insightly with the fewest possible number of mouse clicks. 

  • #2 

    As a person who regularly contacts clients from the "business side" of things, I would like to be able to see all of the client communication (inbound and outbound) via Freshdesk recorded and linked as "activity" for the contact, their organisation, and, if appropriate, the opportunity, with the fewest number of mouse clicks.  Integration in the style of the Outlook plugin would be ideal 

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