Insightly quality issues?

I have been an Insightly customer for 3 years and have motivated 5 other company's to use the platform. Lately I have begun to become frustrated with the things i LOVED about your company (not just the platform).

1. once we could connect with your support easily by hitting the website and insta-chatting ... now its very impersonal and frankly HARD to submit a ticket. 

2. Your innovations always came with a solid strategy focused on your customers needs and/or innovation value now its very odd how it is prioritized.

Example, Reporting - YES we needed it improved, but the offering s SO over engineered its unusable, i cannot imagine the amount of partners you have using the OLD view instead (i bet its staggering)

Example, The email move recently released. Signing up was a breeze. Why we get SMTP errors on google confirmed set ups is odd, and bounces on accurate emails is equally disturbing. Now the system prompt us to re-set up email for every campaign (which is NON sustainable)

These feels like quality issues. 

On Strategy issues/ valuable innovations

Example Where is the improved email campaign stats? you are pushing us AWAY to other email platforms

Example where is the Search CRM on documents text searches on documents stored in the system)? again we are innovating around you with other platforms/costs.

Example your mobile APP is unusable beyond looking up emails addresses 

All the above feel like something has slipped from the leadership that i told my partners to consider... and that i embraced



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  • Hi Dan,

    Thank you for your feedback. Sorry you feel that way. We did research and consult our power users who use our reporting features heavily to verify what features they would like to see. All feedback provided in the community is reviewed by our team to verify what direction to head in next with our features. 

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